Our next workshop will be held in Provence, France in April 22-25th, 2018. The workshop offers a 3-day hands-on experience on how to offer the finest for your clients, your fellow vendors, and last but not the least, for yourself - using your talent and art. We will engage in one-on-one sessions, with professionals, to review your work. The sessions will offer nuances on how to elevate your work, and, provide marketing tips on standing out in the crowd.
As a part of this workshop, you will capture the work of professional vendors - stylists, designers, calligraphers, florists, and, models - thereby providing you with rich photographing experience.



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In this workshop, you will be guided on how to make the best of natural light. You will also learn to choose the right equipment for every defining occasion. In addition, we will discuss styling details, posing people, and capturing the finer aspects of an event.
You will gain invaluable experience working and collaborating with experienced wedding professionals. Guest speakers from famous magazines will elaborate on how to stand out in this crowded and talented field of wedding photographers.

This workshop is not an exclusive event.

We welcome wedding photographers from all backgrounds. Whatever your experience level may be - we feel every moment can be a truly learning experience.

We strongly believe every photographer has put great thought into choosing their equipment - film or digital - to showcase their talent. What we want is to lend a hand so you can raise your level using the same tools that have defined your art. 

Your experience


The workshop offers every attendee an opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate with the finest. For such an experience your investment will be €2,500. A non-refundable deposit of €1,000 is due at signing. The remainder is due a month prior to the workshop date. Once you register we will provide you with all details on how to make payment.






Tamara Grüner is the founder of Tamara Grüner Photography - a fine art wedding photographer offering services worldwide. After completing her Ph.D. from London and Cambridge, in cancer research, she decided to give it up for the love of fine art wedding photography. Today, she has covered weddings and styled events across the US and Europe. Her work has been published, both on the web and in print, across a wide range of wedding blogs and magazines - such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Hochzetsguide, VOW Magazine, Trendy Bride Magazine, The Knot, Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine, Wedding Sparrow, and more. Tamara has experienced the finer details of workshops with Jose Villa in Mexico. Through her own work and her extensive interactions with highly acclaimed industry professionals Tamara is in the best position to offer invaluable ideas on fine art wedding photography. 


tamara grÜner

talented speakers

We believe

stephanie fayolle

talented speakers

Stéphanie Augustin-Fayolle is the founder of Weddings of Excellence in Provence (WEP) - a boutique wedding planning and design service located in the heart of Provence. She started her career in the fashion industry - working for various Parisienne designers. After gaining invaluable experience through her professional career she decided to start her own company, 7 years ago, to offer exceptional wedding planning services. Her quality, talent, and dedication to her clients was recognized by Style Me Pretty and was, hence, awarded the Vendor of the Year in 2015. Stephanie says "designing a wedding is like creating fashion." Her intimate knowledge of both industries provides her with a unique perspective on how to approach wedding design. 

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celine bucchini

talented speakers

Celine Bucchini is the owner of Un Jardin en Ville in Isle Sur la Sorgue - an eclectic flower shop that offers a wide range of floral designs. 
She was inspired by flowers through her teenage years. She pursued her education in floral design and, through her interactions with various professionals, she honed her creative skills.

Celine says “I decided to open my own shop in 2010. This gives me an opportunity to gain confidence, and try out new ideas in what I love to do.”

Her education and experience in the floral industry provide her with an ability to share her experiences with everyone looking for invaluable ideas in the wedding industry.

We believe

susanne schuhman

talented speakers

Susanne Schuhmann is the founder of Hochzeitsguide and VOW magazine - a modern, versatile, and stylish fine art European wedding blog.
She started her magazine in 2011. The blog and magazine reach across a wide spectrum of readers with its moving and inspirational content.
Susanne, today, says “I consider myself very lucky having the best job ever. I attach great importance to sophisticated inspirations for the modern and confident wedding couples in my blog. I want to address those who cut their own path, steering clear of the mainstream.” 
Her intimate knowledge and experience of the wedding industry give her the ability to offer great advice to those who wish to make their mark in the world of wedding photography. Susanne lives with her husband, Thomas, and her two cats, Luis and Lola in Vienna, Austria.

As Managing Editor of Style Me Pretty Weddings and Living, Erin is well-versed in the art of a beautiful event and bringing it to life through digital media. Her days are spent curating gorgeous celebrations big and small in a way that makes each story uniquely sparkle. With a background in interior design and styling, Erin is seasoned in various aspects of publishing and branding, including writing and editing, working one-on-one with vendors, culling submissions, planning the editorial calendar and styling photo shoots. She currently lives just outside of Boston with her husband and wildly cute toddler twins.


erin lepperd

talented speakers

Richard Photo Lab is a professional film, digital, and print lab, known for their work with top international fine art wedding photographers. As a quality-obsessed company, they sweat the details of each and every frame to exceed a photographer’s expectations—whether it’s film processing and scanning, post production services for film and digital photographers, or in-house printing.
With over 40 years of history in the industry, the Richard team understands the challenges photographer’s face not only as artists, but as business owners. They strive to be an educational resource for both subjects in the world of professional photography, developing unique relationships with and addressing the individual needs of their clients.
Albany will join this workshop, virtually, via Skype. Richard Photo Lab will offer a 25% discount to your first film order.


albany katz

talented speakers

Michaela is an extremely talented master goldsmith and jewelry designer
to say the least. She’s been known and acclaimed internationally, for her
state of the art and incredibly beautiful creations. She has been a role
model and an inspiration for aspiring designers. Michaela is
a real trendsetter and is always one step ahead of the game. While many
try to blend in, she has always been a trailblazer. Her customers travel distances to visit her store and plan their bespoke, hand made dreaMRings.

With more than two decades of experience in this craft, she is still hungry and motivated for new ideas and styles.

"When my customers are happy, I am happy" is her motivation to create unique, masterpieces that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.


michaela roemer

talented speakers

Thibaut is the founder of Regards d’auteur. This website is helping couples to find their wedding photographer in France. Together with a jury Thibaut is deciding, who is eligible to be part of this website. He will explain the selection process during our workshop.


thibaut bissuel

talented speakers

The Venue

maison de manville


domaine de manville, nestled in picturesque Provence, France, is the perfect location for this workshop. 

The venue is surrounded by picturesque landscape and the interior is steeped in Provencal culture.

This five star hotel offers an excellent opportunity for a celebration of fine art photography.